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Bridge Clinic is committed to building a reliable and technologically advanced healthcare system within Nigeria, and which extends beyond her borders, that is cost-effective and renowned for high quality care while adhering to leading international standards.

Founded on the principals of international standards in healthcare delivery, now Vice Executive Chairman of Bridge Clinic, Dr Richardson Ajayi founded Bridge Clinic in 1999. Bridge Clinic was originally set up as a fertility clinic and since its inception has grown to become the leading fertility centre in West Africa attracting clients from other regions in both West and East Africa.

Bridge Clinic Fertility Centre is the premier centre for Nigerians living abroad, especially those who now reside in the United Kingdom, Canada and United States of America. Our compliance with various international bodies on quality standards and procedures ensures that we seamlessly integrate with our patients’ physicians abroad while many of the diaspora choose to undergo fertility treatment at our flagship facility in Lagos.

Following an increase in demand for other services that match the quality that Bridge Clinic is known for, the brand formally expanded into primary healthcare in 2016. Regular Bridge Clinics offer comprehensive preventative and everyday primary healthcare services for the whole family while our Bridge Clinic Fertility Centres continue to offer the most advanced care in fertility, fertility preservation and predisposition to select genetic conditions.

Our Values

Our values are the pillars of our brand, keeping us grounded while raising us up. They represent what is important to us and guide not only our behaviour, but also how we interact with others.


To the best of our ability we base our behavior on the moral principles of the medical oath we adhere to.

  • We act in the best interest of our patients
  • We respect our patient’s autonomy to choose or refuse treatment
  • We promote good over harm
  • We rely on fairness and equality in the distribution of health resources
  • We treat both our patients as well as the people treating patients with dignity
  • We value informed consent before conducting healthcare intervention on our patients

Honesty: We value open communication, transparency and doing what is best for our patients and our colleagues, which means offering the services and support that are necessary, but nothing that is not.

Excellence: We are driven to always improve in everything we do, whether it is providing high quality service; behaving professionally and respectfully; or striving to exceed international standards.

Innovation: We strive to remain informed about, and to incorporate, the latest technology, medical procedures and healthcare solutions to the benefit of our patient.

At Bridge Clinic we have one objective, and that is to transform healthcare, together.

Our Mission

“Delivering world-class healthcare services for everyone.”

We provide care based on empathy. Serving your needs as an individual or family forms the core of our business. We do this by adhering to world-class guidelines to ensure that we give you the best during your journey with us. With Bridge Clinic, you can never go wrong.

Our Vision

“To be the leading fertility brand most admired for its people, collaboration and services.”

We are passionate about ensuring that the continuum of care is never broken. We aim to achieve this by providing top-of-the-line specialist and medical services to meet the healthcare needs of you and your family. We have established several healthcare facilities across the country to make our services easily accessible to you. Our collaboration with professionals and health maintenance organisations in delivering quality healthcare services ensure that we provide you with solid recommendations backed by evidence-based practice. With the collective effort of our highly trained staff, we are confident that we can support you every step of the way.

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